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YAMA ART is here!

2019. 01. 19.

In 2019 our brand is expanding with an art section.

YAMA ART is here!

From day one, it’s been a huge dream of ours to collaborate with artists and praise talent. Many of you already follow our other lifestyle page @yamalifestyle and online store which makes us incredibly happy and grateful beyond words. Thank you for your support! With YAMA ART we aim to introduce an artist each month who we work closely with and with whom we share the same passion for sustainability, lowering environmental impact and celebrate our colourful world. You’ll get to know some amazing fine and graphic artists, musicians and more who feel inspired by our values. These creations-which are all limited edition-will be available to purchase in the YAMA shop, online. By investing in these really special pieces, you support the artists, our initiative to collaborate with as many talented individuals as possible and you also help the work of the Act Today For Tomorrow Foundation that raises funds for the education of children in need. It’s set up to be an exciting year for and we’d like to take you all along for the ride. Let’s make 2019 the year of creativity!

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