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Yama started out as a small initiation to serve and educate consumers to lead a more sustainable life and to think greener. Our wonderful planet is quickly running out of resources thus finding long-term solutions is a must in order to maintain a quiality environment for the future generations. Our products are made of  100% compostable, natural components such as cornstarch, PLA (an acid that comes from corn), sugarcane, palmleaf and cellulose. These products are suitable for home use and are perfect to substitute commercial plastic silveware with natural options. These modern and aesthetic products instantly catch the eye and are suitable for entertaining guests at home, for restaurants, business parties and even take-away services.

On the other hand, Yama is a lot more than a simple brand. Our aim is to communicate the eternal wisdom of yoga, a philosophy that helps to find our way back to the truly important values like living a pure and healthy lifestyle, not hurting other beings with our own existance and drifiting further from the greedy and wasting tendecies of our day and age. This high level of consciousness is the foundation of making our world a better place and keeping it that way for a very long time. These products are here to put all these values into practice.